Why AI-Powered SEO Is Now Imperative - SEOMachine

AI SEO has revolutionized how search is done online. Google’s AI now provides each and every user with personalized search results based on their past behaviors, their devices, their locations, and hundreds of other factors. The search engines increasingly know what users want—surmising intent and predicting future preferences. This technology shift entails new demands for well-executed SEO as well.

Savvy businesses use AI technology that is capable of building customized optimization strategies. While conventional SEO techniques can still serve as an optimization baseline, what is required for successful SEO has undergone a sea change. Traditional methods are no longer adequate if a company wants to maintain a competitive edge, and achieve the best possible position in SERPs.

Raw keyword assessment is not sufficient if a company seeks to improve its ranking. Optimization strategies that work for one family of keywords might not work as well for another group of keywords. As Google’s AI now takes into account “intent”, SEO is now forced to factor user intent into its own process. AI is capable of doing this, as data paints a picture that enables SEO to be customized to specific content landscapes. AI identifies trending topics in the relevant industry, finding competitive gaps in the marketplace so as to more astutely craft content that appeals to the target audience.