Using AI Technology To Supercharge SEO - SEOMachine

AI SEO can be used to increase traffic, build quality backlinks, and even bolster commerce by scaling targeted B2B outreach. For example, an AI-powered virtual assistant can be useful for devising content strategies. The tool shows exactly what keywords / motifs you should use to compete in certain market niches (categories of target customers, as well as topics and themes). An AI platform can be used to help content marketers optimize content for Google’s AI algorithm. Such a system is able to provide intent signals, keyword reporting, page reporting, content recommendations, and a story builder. It also enables users to map out keywords in a specific region. It is even capable of providing recommendations for resolving poor SERPs (e.g. modifications to a site’s content to better entice spiders).

Equipped with AI, a website can conduct search engine modeling—thus coding a search model that is tailored to any given search engine. This is accomplished by learning the algorithms of the specified search engine, then doing some predictive modeling to anticipate what sorts of content most entices the web-crawlers. Each new model can be tested in an iterated fashion to ensure the SEO is always up to date. The benefits of AI can be incorporated into whatever is already being used. The key is to maximize the use of available technology to stay ahead of the curve.