The Latest Advances In AI SEO - SEOMachine

Online businesses are now operating in an entirely new ecosystem of search engine algorithms, where spiders / crawlers are more discerning than ever. Consequently, new technology must be used for getting the top ranking in Google’s SERPs. This means optimizing content via keyword-oriented website copy, link-building, and optimization of meta tags. Only AI is capable of adapting to perpetually fluctuating market conditions, and staying ahead of the curve. As machines get better at figuring out which results to match with each search query, marketers need to get better at creating content that helps this. So what we find ourselves in is an AI arms-race.

When it comes to making use of the newest AI technology to bolster SEO capabilities, it is important that one is able to integrate new technology with incumbent systems. The history of taking these steps goes back decades. Google was one of the first to recognize that mobile users want to enjoy native-app UI. Using PWA (Progressive Web Apps) means they do not have to install mobile apps that take up valuable space. App owners can benefit from taking advantage of PWA without the development and maintenance costs that come with providing in-app experiences. The capabilities of Google’s Search Console have been drastically augmented since it was known as “Webmaster Tools”. This is a critical thing to have in one’s SEO toolbox, and should be checked regularly to monitor the status of link activity. If Google crawlers don’t like something about your site, Search Console may be the first tool to notify you.

AI tech is transforming ranking factors–from the simple optimization of landing page content across various platforms / devices. Here, let’s explore some of the key factors that are used in the ranking algorithms; and how semantics-savvy AI technology is crucial for addressing those factors. In today’s online world, such technology has become a vital tool for improving the relevance of content for any given searcher at any given time.